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Get Connected In A Small Group

Why Small Groups

Christians need other Christians to help them grow. This is one reason Christ founded the church. Only in a community are humans led to and nurtured in the love of Christ. We see both our sin and our need for Jesus when we are in relationship with others, we are mutually encouraged as we see our progress in the faith, and we praise God together for sending His son Jesus to die for us.

What Are Small Groups

A small group is a community of church members that live life and follow Jesus together. In a small group you will learn from God, about God, and how to live for God. During a typical meeting, small groups will study the Bible, apply what they have read to their unique life situations, pray for each other, and enjoy each other's company.

Current Small Groups

Thursday Evenings
Pike Creek Area

Nolan & Stephanie Barrick

Friday Evenings

Pike Creek Area

Dave & Heather Hughes

Saturday Evenings (Bi-Weekly)

Pike Creek Area

Scott & Jess Weber

Sunday Evenings

Bear Area

Phil & Debbie McNiel

Small Groups

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